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I wrote an essay on Harry Potter for my fantasy cinema course last semester. I found the subject matter to be pretty fun, and I like this essay, so I thought I would share it with you all. I was responding to the question of "What is the difference between religious belief and fantasy as portrayed in the cinema? Are fantasy films, such as the Harry Potter series, sacrilegious, as portions of the American fundamentalist right would have it?"
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My father and I sent a letter to the editor of The Toronto Star. I doubt they will publish it, but I think it is very funny, so I am sharing here.

After months of vain fruitless attempts at finding the humour in WT Duck, we have come to the conclusion that our initial outrage at the banishment of the masterfully drawn graphic wizardry of Get Fuzzy was entirely justified. While the puerile lame-duck attempts at photo-journalistic humour may delight the editors of your provincial rag, we are not amused. Day after day we are reminded of the loss of our morning laughter when faced with the tedium of the eggplant hybrids. WT Duck is the most foul of waterfowl. Bring back Get Fuzzy.
Yours in righteous indignation,
George Ardal
Department of Veteran Feline Affairs
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I am not getting nearly enough work. I am spending way too much on beads. I have more jewellery than I can possibly realistically wear. The hour has come, in which I must begin to sell my jewels. I will be blogging my creations here. Possibly with prices (when applicable).
Other creative endeavours may well be posted in this journal as well. Perhaps I can get back into the habit of making silly comics. I came upon an old sketchbook of mine the other night, and found my comics to be hiiiiiiilarious. And, now, I believe I will actually have time to devote to that sort of thing, without guiltily casting glances in the direction of my required readings.
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The details of the dream are fading fast, but the part that sticks out was about a bat. I saw it at my window, a tiny one, not so small as a bumblebee bat, but nearly. It had a very cartoon like face, and appeared more like an anime bat than a real one. Its eyes were big and round like George's, and it had the sort of animal face that makes it appear to smile. Well, it was so cute, I couldn't resist but let it in. Once it flew into my room, it transformed into a ring of fur with teeth (which according to the logic of the dream, is how a vampire bat reveals their self). Upon realizing it was a vampire bat, I fled in search of George, thinking he would have fun hunting it, but he was nowhere to be found. I then thought about it and realized that the vampire would also try and attack a cat. I told my dilemma to Owen and he came in and stomped on it. I woke up.
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Livejournal bogs me down, sometimes. I am not sure what the exact purpose of this journal will be. A fresh slate. I plan to fill it with something good. Maybe something more honest. Maybe something more interesting. Maybe...neither. I do hope it isn't the last option. I do not want to commit myself to anything. I just want to let it happen.


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